Our Mission & Scope


The Institute of Education for the Care of Chronic Diseases (IECCD) aims to provide an innovative model of health education that stretches beyond conventional approaches to health. It utilizes the chronic care model and other theoretical constructs to engage the medical, public health, and educational communities.

IECCD’s approach to health education centers on the understanding that in order to promote healthy lifestyles and impact overall health outcomes, individuals must be treated holistically. IECCD encourages individuals to become actively involved in their care. Active involvement includes enhanced health literacy and continuous monitoring to help individuals as they develop sustainable and healthy lifestyle skills.

IECCD establishes discourse among professionals regarding the importance of multi-disciplinary approaches to care. Professionals are provided with enhanced communication tools to learn how to share information and collaborate to encourage participatory partnerships.

One of IECCD’s main goals is to expand the discourse beyond established norms and challenge conventions in order to establish “Best Practices Redefined.”

IECCD Professional Services:

* Specialized professional train-the-trainer multi-topic sessions

* Health Seminars, Conferences, and Symposiums

* Continuing education credits

* Consultation Services for program development

* Health Literacy and Communication Institute