Health Literacy and Communications Institute


Low health literacy in the United States is at critical mass. Approximately 88% of all adults have low health literacy. The rate of older adults over age 65 with low health literacy is as high as 97%. This has led to difficulties in understanding basic health information needed for making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions regarding their health in diverse adult populations. With both the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases increasing exponentially each year, it will become essential for individuals and professionals to understand the steps they will need to take to enhance communication in order to improve overall health outcomes and decrease unnecessary healthcare expenditures.

The Health Literacy and Communications Institute (HLCI) provides comprehensive and tailored training to assist multi-disciplinary professionals on the best practice strategies necessary for appropriately engaging patients, family members, caregivers, communities, and organizations. The trainings provide interactive challenges, as well as instruction on how to address people with written materials and when engaging them in conversation. HLCI also provides insight on how to provide holistic care, working collaboratively with their colleagues to ensure continuous care with consistent and clear messaging.

The Health Literacy and Communications Institute helps participants learn about advocacy, legislative processes, and the latest trends on best practices for contemporary, patient and family-centered healthcare systems approaches to care.

Topics covered throughout the training include:

* National definitions of health literacy and plain language

* Biopsychosocial implications and its impact on health outcomes

* Current trends and health systems approaches currently in practice

* Involving leaders for advocacy and partnership building

* Strategies for driving health policy

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